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The Transformation Strategist/Executive Coach

As a Transformation Strategist, Dr. Keith Comeau specializes in "the people aspect of business". His expertise is with individuals, groups and organizations, enabling them to change/transform themselves from where they are... to where they would like to be, .... could be.... or should be. He uses psychological, behavioral, business and organization al knowledge, experiences and systems as the foundation of this work.

From his experiences as a Medical Doctor/Family Physician and former Social Worker/Family Therapist, Dr. Comeau recognized that the challenges, stresses and strains of the business, corporate and professional life greatly impact and affect each individual's mental and physical health, as well as their general well being. This impacts their contributions and successes in business, finances, interpersonal relationships and their personal lives. Dr. Comeau also recognized that there was very little expertise, support or systems available to individuals, groups and organizations to effectively deal with all of these issues. At the same time, people today have enough challenges, stresses and strains in their personal lives and relationships. This results in a negative impact in both their business and personal life. This goes against Steven Covey's philosophy of "Win-Win" by creating a "Lose-Lose" situation. Seeing the fallout of this effect in his medical practice and the opportunity to contribute to the business world, Dr. Comeau developed a process called The Practical Transformation Programdesigned to enable individuals, groups and organizations to effectively deal with the challenges, stresses and strains of business, corporate and professional life, .... while at this same time this process enables them to effectively deal with the challenges, stresses and strains in their personal lives and relationships.

The Practical Transformation Programwas designed to provide cutting edge support, structure and coaching to individuals, groups and organization enabling them to change/transform any aspect of themselves, their key support people, their team, their organization, their personal lives and their relationships.

Transform: A Personal Evolution designed to provide an effective transformation process to enable individuals and groups who are experiencing/suffering from anxiety, stress, panic and mild to moderate depression to effectively understand, manage and control their emotional and physical state. This program focuses on transforming anxiety, stress, panic and mild-moderate depression into strong positive personal power. Read more...

The "Managing Stress in the Work Place (and in your life) " is a 3 hour introductory program that has been designed to enlighten participants about the effect of "stress" on their personal, professional, business lives and how to change/transform it. Participants will gain an understanding of the effects of stress in their lives, how to accurately assess it and how to change it.


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